The fantastic Old-Town in Holt just reviewed Lily’s ‘Stucco’ blocks for which I designed the box.



Lily Alden:

Anything you can do

I can do better

anything I can do

You can do too.

Another illustration about adjusting to nightshifts.
Editorial about adjusting to Nightshifts


A game of ‘Fight’ with Adam Avery I think Adam wins, as my Napoleonic weapons probably wouldn’t penetrate the fist armour.

How to play ‘Fight’: One person draws one side of a conflict, another person draws the other side not knowing what’s happening on the first side. Then combine the two!

Ed Cheverton

Pencil Punch up with the forever fun Ed Cheverton.

Scrunched up in that fist is my secret weapon - A badly wounded Dove of Peace.

Keep up to date with future fights on Ed’s Blog.